When Do I Meet My Anaesthetist?

You will meet your Anaesthetist before your operation to discuss your anaesthetic and to perform a relevant examination. This may occur in our consultation rooms, or in the hospital on the day of surgery. The meeting in the hospital may take place on a ward, in an admissions unit, or in the holding area outside the operating theatre.

Your Anaesthetist will review information contained in your hospital record or chart, such as the results of any tests you have undergone. They will ask you some additional questions, such as your, or your relatives’ experience with anaesthetics. Your Anaesthetist will talk to you about possible choices of anaesthetic, such as between general and regional or local anaesthesia and about any specific problems or concerns you have. In addition, your Anaesthetist will discuss with you the different choices for post operative pain management.

After this, your Anaesthetist will examine you, by looking at your mouth, your teeth, and the veins of your hands, arms, and neck, and may listen to your chest. If you are to have a regional or local anaesthetic, your Anaesthetist may also look at the area of your body where the anaesthetic is to be injected, such as the small of your back.

Ask Questions

This is your opportunity to ask about your anaesthetic. Even though you may think that the time for questions is short, you should ask whatever you want and make sure that all your questions are answered.

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