What Is A Specialist Anaesthetist?

A Specialist Anaesthetist is a fully qualified medical doctor who, after obtaining their medical degree, has spent at least two years working in the hospital system before completing a further five years of training in anaesthesia.  During that time your Anaesthetist is trained in all aspects of medicine related to patient care before, during and after surgery including pain management, resuscitation, the management of medical emergencies and intensive care. They also study specific areas such as Paediatrics, Obstetrics and the care of the elderly.

The training to become a Specialist Anaesthetist is equal in length to that of other medical specialists, such as Surgeons. Throughout their practice, Anaesthetists must continue to update their skills by regularly attending professional development sessions.

Anaesthetists play a pivotal role in resuscitating acutely unwell patients, including trauma victims, and assist with the management of patients suffering from acute or chronic pain, as well as providing pain relief for women in labour.

During an operation they are responsible for administering the anaesthesia and pain relief, and monitoring your vital functions such as heart, lungs, kidneys and brain to ensure your safety throughout. Surgical procedures put significant stress on the body and without modern anaesthesia the majority of these procedures would not be possible.

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