Sedation is used to help people feel relaxed and comfortable about having certain medical or dental procedures done. Sedation can be given in many ways; the medication can be taken as a drink, breathed in or injected into a vein. Intravenous (IV) sedation, where the medication is injected into a vein, is ideally suited to dental procedures. Many people may know this technique as having ‘Valium’ or as ‘an injection in the arm’.

Sedation for Dental Treatment

Sedation is a very relaxing and pleasant way to have dental treatment done.

It makes time fly so a very long procedure, such as complicated crown and bridge work, root canal treatment or placement of dental implants will seem to have taken only a short time to a sedated patient whereas it may have taken many hours.

Once your Anaesthetist begins to inject the sedative medication, most patients remember very little if anything of the rest of their visit to the dentist and so sedation is particularly good if you need to have a potentially ‘unpleasant’ procedure done.

Sedation is also suitable for even the most anxious patients; in fact many patients who have always had a general anaesthetic for their dental treatment say they prefer IV sedation as they feel so much better afterwards!

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