Pain Medicine

This section of the website covers general information regarding Pain Medicine which is a separate, specialist field from Anaesthesia. Pain Medicine involves managing patients’ long term pain that has been caused by a number of reasons including surgery, injury and nerve damage.

Southern Anaesthetics has two Pain Medicine Consultants, Dr Thomas Berrigan and Dr Hamid Hamzah; both with a wealth of experience with each Doctor having over 30 year experience working as both Specialist Anaesthetists and Pain Medicine Consultants.

The various sections listed to the right of this page cover general information about Pain Medicine as well as information about the most common Pain Medicine procedures used to deal with managing chronic pain. You will also find information for both Dr Thomas Berrigan and Dr Hamid Hamzah.

The information in this website is written only as a guide and should not replace information supplied by your Pain Medicine Consultant. We encourage you after reading these information pages to please speak with your Pain Medicine Consultant if you have any questions regarding the particular pain you are experiencing.

Please note that in order for patients to book a consultation with Dr Berrigan or Dr Hamzah, a referral is required from a General Practitioner or Medical Specialist.

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