Billing And Payment Information


Estimates can be given for your operation which will include your out of pocket expenses. To provide you with the most accurate estimate possible, we need the following information. Please ask your Surgeon for the following details:

  • The name of the operation – we do not require surgical item numbers
  • An estimate of the length of surgical time
  • The name of your health fund and if your level of cover includes hospital cover

When you have all this information, please contact us by phone or via our Contact Form.

It is important for patients to understand that a significant portion of their anaesthetic fee is based on how long your procedure actually takes. Although every effort is made to provide an accurate estimate of your surgery time, often the actual time required for your surgery differs from the estimate.Therefore your final anaesthetic fee may differ from the inititial estimate provided.

Australian citizens without private hospital insurance and all overseas patients are required to make full payment for their anaesthetic prior to the procedure.

Patients Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Patients undergoing cosmetic surgery are required to pay the full fee before their anaesthetic.

You will be contacted prior to the procedure and payment is required at least 7 working days prior to surgery. If you are making payment using a personal cheque, please note that payment is required at least 14 days prior to surgery to allow sufficent time for the funds to be cleared.

Please note that although every effort is made to provide an accurate estimate, based on the above variables, the final account may differ to your prepayment and therefore an additional payment may be required.


Our Anaesthetists work as individual practitioners and as such fees vary, with each Specialist Anaesthetist determining their own fee schedule.

The fee for your anaesthetic is separate from charges by any other doctors caring for you and separate to charges by the centre where the surgery was performed (e.g. the hospital or day surgery facility).

Private accounts: Where possible we will electronically submit to both your health fund and Medicare for the maximum rebate that can be claimed. At the same time we will send you an invoice detailing the amount claimed on your behalf and also the out of pocket expenses that are your sole responsibility.

Workers’ Compensation and Motor Vehicle claims: Accounts for anaesthetic services will be sent directly to the relevant insurance company.

Veterans’ Affairs patients: Accounts for anaesthetic services for Veterans’ Affairs patients will be sent directly to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.


For your convenience various payment methods are available and are listed below.

  • BPay : These details are found at the bottom of your invoice
  • Credit Card:  We accept Mastercard or Visa, you can either complete the details at the bottom of the invoice and post this to us, or call us to make a payment over the phone
  • Bank cheques, Money Orders from the Post Office or personal cheques: Personal cheques are not acceptable as pre payments for anaesthetic services unless sufficient time is available for these cheques to be banked and the funds cleared (at least 14 days prior to the surgery date)
  • Cash:  You are always welcome to visit  our rooms to make a cash payment.

We will send a receipt to you for all payments made to your Anaesthetist.

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